Kibwezi Town is a Pharmacy located in Kenya. It is one of the 2755 pharmacies in Kenya. Address of Kibwezi Town is Kibwezi, Kenya. Kibwezi Town can be contacted at 254710209604. Kibwezi Town has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 57 places around it on Kibwezi Town is rated 4 (out of 5 stars) by 292 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Kibwezi Town are -

Tausi Wears (Shopping mall) Kibwezi - Kitui Rd, Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 381 meters)
Mama Muema Dress Makers (Clothing store) Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 306 meters)
Chulu Stores (Shopping mall) Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 367 meters)
Kibwezi Town (Pharmacy) Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 121 meters)
Derick Limisi Gas And M Pesa Shop (Shopping mall) off kitui road, limisi street, Kenya (approx. 255 meters)
BUSBUL SUPERMARKET LIMITED (Supermarket) Kibwezi - Kitui Road Kibwezi KE, Kenya (approx. 329 meters)
M-Pesa Vilcostec Enterprsies (Store) Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 344 meters)
SMART HUDUMA CYBER KIBWEZI (Internet cafe) KIBWEZI, Kenya (approx. 354 meters)
Kamukunji School Uniform (Shopping mall) Along P.A.G church, Kibwezi, Kenya (approx. 371 meters)
Safaricom Customer Care Centre Kibwezi Simba Telecom (Telecommunications service provider) Shariff Building Next to the mosque opposite the bus termus, Kenya (approx. 180 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Kibwezi Town, you can also find M-Pesa Simba Telcom Ltd, Victory Exams Centre, HAPPY FRAJAN SUPERMARKET, Happy Provicial Shop, Madeys Trading Hardware, atawala investement, Kibwezi Wines & Spirits, Kibwezi Town, Nationbeta Computer Training, M-Pesa Modern Technology Computer Center, Jeeland Investments Limited, M-Pesa Joymax Ltd, M-Pesa Stargate Agencies, PesaPoint POS Projection Solutions Dwa, M-Pesa Mobipay Ltd, Makutano Supermarket, J.J Highrise Kinyozi, Kibwezi Police Station, Jeeland Investments Limited, Ramesh mahto Kumar and many more.

Within around 250 meter aerial distance, there are at least 2 more pharmacies around Kibwezi Town. These pharmacies are - Kibwezi Town, Kibwezi Town




Kibwezi, Kenya



What is the contact Number of Kibwezi Town?

Contact number of Kibwezi Town is 254710209604.

What is rating of Kibwezi Town?

Rating of Kibwezi Town is 4 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Kibwezi Town?

Address of Kibwezi Town is Kibwezi, Kenya.

What is the Kibwezi Town?

Kibwezi Town is a Pharmacy in Kenya

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