Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is a Supermarket located in Nyeri. It is one of the 864 supermarkets in Kenya. Address of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya. Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri can be contacted at 254202400498. Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 117 places around it on Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is rated 4 (out of 5 stars) by 2135 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri are -

Nyeri Mall (Shopping mall) Nyeri, Kenya
Nyeri Shopping Centre Complex (Shopping mall) Nyeri, Kenya
Men's Boutique Nyeri (Clothing store) Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya
Nyeri Clothing Co.Ltd. (Clothing supplier) Rware, Kimathi Way, Nyeri, Kenya
Computer Palace Nyeri (Electronics store) 1988 Nyeri KE, Kenya
Family Price Clothing (Clothing store) Nyeri, Kenya
SHEMAEY'S BEAUTY NYERI (Cosmetics store) 14 Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya
Homage Service Store (Wholesaler) Rware, Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya
Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri (Supermarket) Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya
Bata (Shoe store) Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri, you can also find Fonexpress Nyeri, Kirimara Opticals Limited-Nyeri, Rocky Driving School, Nyeri, Wamagana Furniture Mart, Gikuyu Electronics & Phone Repair Nyeri, Amedo Centres Kenya-Nyeri, Nyeri Mall, Men's Boutique Nyeri, Fair Sale Supermarket-Nyeri, Nyeri Clothing Co.Ltd., Trendy Essentials Nyeri, Samrat Supermarket, Mukaro Electricals, Prestige Plaza, Kemigawa Hardware, Telkom Kenya Ltd Nyeri Office, Nyeri Pump Centre, Nyeri Victory Stationers, Nyeri Hydraulic Services, Daima Hardware and many more.

Within around 250 meter aerial distance, there are at least 2 more supermarkets around Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri. These supermarkets are - Samrat Supermarket, Muga Supermarket




Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya



What is the contact Number of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri?

Contact number of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is 254202400498.

What is rating of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri?

Rating of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is 4 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri?

Address of Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is Gakere Rd, Nyeri, Kenya.

Where is the Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri located?

Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is located in Nyeri.

What is the Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri?

Naivas Supermarket - Nyeri is a Supermarket in Kenya

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